Friendship Breakup

Never expected it to happen this way…we went out, I was way too drunk, ruined the whole evening and found out he’d blocked me on Facebook that same morning….which means blocked from real life.
It is hugely painful yes – especially when there was intimacy involved and an emotional attachment.
What to do?
There’s heaps if blogs about how to heal a broken heart. A broken friendship. An abrupt ending with a friend…knowing it had been me that led to his unfriending me…
The numbness sets in first…denial…shock…confusion…then some anger…resentment….then the tears flow. Not much, but they will.



Your sweet talk falls on deaf ears with me
Yet someone else’s heart soars to hear it
All I can do is smirk and think
‘Good luck with that dirty, lying, sack of shit’


For the road that she travelled,
Set in sight, straight and wide
Was covered in thorns
That stung to her thighs

Invisible ghosts taunted her steps
Her blood trickled down, a river of red
Faith in her memory, but only a thread
And as she drowns in her life
Crying…grateful she’s dead

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